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We hope everyone has noticed the improvements that have been made to the front of our church.  We like to think of it as the re-beautification of Fairfield Grace Church. Most of the landscaping was over 50 years old and had been poorly cared for so they couldn’t be saved.  Some of the bushes were as high as the roofline of the church, blocking airflow in the building, trapping moisture. They also detracted from the appearance of the church building and sign.  It would have been better to do the work in the future after the church had recovered from the aftermath of COVID, but the Nursery School received funds from the government for COVID relief that must be used soon or returned.

The Nursery School and Trustees, with the approval of the Church Council, decided that the money should be used to improve the appearance of the church grounds.  So far, the Nursery School has spent around $15,000 for most of what has been done, including new signs by the driveway, new inside boards in the brick sign, new landscaping in the driveway center island, the old uncared-for bushes removed and the remaining bushes pruned.

The additional funds needed for the new bushes in the front of the church, including around the brick sign plus the plantings to be done in the spring is about $10,000. The Trustees need to have funds available for furnace work this winter and other unforeseen repairs and maintenance, and they have received very few gifts during the past few years. The Trustees are asking the congregation to contribute to the cost of the additional landscaping with an extra offering beyond what they would normally give to the church. The Trustees hope the congregation will contribute the $10,000 needed.

We will have envelopes available in the Sanctuary for the donations. If you are contributing by check, please put “Landscaping” in the memo line.

Thank you for your consideration.

Yours in Christ
The Trustees

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