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Fairfield Grace contributes to a college scholarship program for young adults and older learners in our congregation.

Harris Scholarship

In 1985 a scholarship fund was set up for church members who were furthering their education beyond high school. Named for its founding member, the Harris fund has given financial aid to 66 students since its inception. Funded by donations, income is generated by investments overseen by the treasurer. Eligibility is determined by the level of involvement in church functions which includes attendance at worship services,  being active in youth programs and other church sponsored events. Since the scholarships are not limited to youth, adults may serve on committees, choirs, UMW/UMM, and various activities which are ongoing in this active church. Awards are distributed at a service in mid June.

An additional fund was initiated by the son and daughter of long time members in their memory. Awards were given out for three years based on an essay using the topic of how and why they make a difference referencing their past, present and future. Those who received this award are remarkable in their achievements and future plans.


2022-2023 Church Initial Application

2022-2023 Church Re-Application

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