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New COVID Guidelines
for Gathering –
Effective June 6, 2021

Following recent guidance from Bishop Bickerton and in light of recent improvements in COVID infection rates in our area, we will be able to gather in our church following the guidelines below.

We look forward to seeing you this Sunday, June 6 at the Joint bilingual Worship Service at 10:00 am to celebrate our 65th Anniversary, baptize 2 infants and welcome 4 new members into our church.  Bishop Bickerton will be leading this service.

Guidelines effective Sunday June 6th:

• People that are fully vaccinated do not have to a wear mask during the service. Children under 16 don’t have to wear mask. People that want to wear masks can still do so.
• Masks aren’t required while singing if you are fully vaccinated.
• The blue tape closing off pews will be removed but distancing in the pews will still be encouraged.
• Hymnal and Bibles will be returned to the pews.
• The offering box will remain in the back and the offering plates will not be passed.
• Fellowship Hour can start effective Sunday June 13th. There won’t be time to have everything ready by June 6th. Coffee, tea and other drinks can be served, but for now only prepackaged food/snacks can be served.
• Entrance and exit can be through any of the doors.
• The Scouts and other organizations that use the church can change their procedures to fit our changes.

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