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The format of the 65th book will be changing due to budget considerations. I consider this will actually be a change for the better!

Instead of printing a “hard copy” of the book, we will be publishing a digital flip-book that will be featured on the church website. This format will allow for members to view it anytime. This will also allow for future expansion with additions as Fairfield Grace continues to grow in its membership.

I am changing the design layout and expanding the page count now that there will be no restrictions due to printing costs.

The word count for submissions can increase up to 500 words. For those who have already sent in their write-up, if they wish to send in a more detailed version, please feel free to do so. And please remember to send in your photo.

So far I have received 19 biographies.. everyone… please send yours in also. The deadline for submissions will  be April 1, 2021. This will give me time to have the final product ready in time to have it live on the church website as we celebrate the 65th anniversary in June.

We want to hear everyone’s history and this is your chance to participate! Be recognized as a part of our wonderful church community.

Please send in your response to any of the questions (limit to 500 words please).

1.    Your personal background; for example, give some details about where you were born, went to school, where you have lived, what you did or still do for a living, basically anything you wish to share to help others know more about you.
2.    When and how did you find Fairfield Grace as your spiritual home?
3.    Do you have any special memory or event that has impacted you and your spiritual journey at FGUMC?
4.    In what areas at Fairfield Grace have you been participating?
5.    Your favorite Bible passage(s) and hymn(s) – PLEASE INCLUDE!

Also submit a current photo or indicate if you want to have a new photo taken in the sanctuary. Date to be decided.

I am looking forward to hearing from you all!

Please send your responses to: FGC65@optonline.net or mail to the FGUMC office, sooner than later is best.

Faith, hope, love,
Anne Ewing

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