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Pastor Cho, Franklyn MacLean (Chairperson of the Church Council) and I (Chairperson of the Reopen Task Force) discussed the possibility of discontinuing the in-person worship services last week because the following has changed since we decided to have in-person services:

  • The Covid-19 infection rate has increased significantly in the greater Bridgeport area.
  • We are the only Methodist Church in the greater Bridgeport area that has an in-person service.
  • Our District Superintendent strongly recommends suspending in-person services as long as the surrounding area is in a “red zone”. (He isn’t having one on one in-person meetings with the pastors.)
  • Only an average of 12 attend our in-person services and most are in the vulnerable group.

As announced at the Sunday service on December 6, the decision was made to discontinue the in-person services at Fairfield Grace until the Covid-19 spread has slowed down.  We are sad that this decision had to be made because we know that there is a loyal group that loves to worship in the Sanctuary. It was made to help protect everyone.

We will continue to stream Worship Services via Zoom.

We will be monitoring the situation in our area and look forward to gathering together again in the near future. In this season of our Savior’s birth, we wish our Fairfield Grace community a safe and healthy holiday.
Thank you for your understanding,

Bob Price
Chairperson Reopen Task Force

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