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Following our Church Conference on Wed, Oct 21, we are pleased to congratulate all of our members who have joyfully accepted the challenge to contribute their service, their time, and their talents to serve Fairfield Grace in so many ways. Praise the Lord!

Newly Elected Trustees to the Board:

Craig Leppla (class of 2022)
Nancy Leppla (class of 2023)
Pat Jurgielewicz (class of 2023)
Craig Michelson (class of 2023)

We also present Lay Ministers for 2021

Church Council    (A –first term; B- second term; C-third term)

Chair: Franklyn MacLean (2021 A)
Vice-Chair: Kelly Barrett (2021A)
Secretary:  Georgina Holdsworth (2021A)
Lay Leader: Lee DelVecchio(2021B)
Honorable Lay Leaders : Elsie Kerekes & Beverly Wenz
Delegate to Annual Conference: Kelly Barrett (2023A)
Members at large:
Michelle Krancz (2023C)
Jean Oneto (2023B)  
Bob Price (2023B)  
Ed Schindler (2023A)

Administration Area:
Trustees, Chair:   to be elected by Trustees  (2021)
Finance Chair:Jeff Yi (2021B)
Treasurer: Martha Wood (2021C)
Financial Secretary: Sue K. Suh (2023B)
Staff-Parish Relations Chair:       Grace Kim (2022A)
Nursery School Board Chair: Lori Stimpson  (June 2022C)
Committee on Nomination and Leadership Development:  Judy Meyer (2021)

Ministry Area:
Bring People to Christ
Worship/Music Team:  Kristina Joukhadar (2022B)

Provide Opportunities for Spiritual Growth
Stewardship Team:  Craig Michelson (2022A)
Education Team:
Superintendent: Frankly MacLean (Sept. 2021A)
Adult Education Coordi:Sheila Muscott (2023 C)
Scholarship Team: Al Oneto (2023B)

Respond with love to people’s needs
Outreach Team: Larry Campana (2022A)

Offer Christian fellowship and friendship
Welcoming Team:  Paul Meyer (2022A)
Fellowship Team:  Alan Stewart (2023B)
Young Adults/Families Ministry:  Katie White, Coordinator

Administration Area

Chair:  _______(to be elected in Jan, 2021)
Secretary/ Treasurer:  Pat Jurgielewicz
Ex-Officio:  Lay Leader

Dennis Robb
Ben Collen

Lori Stimpson
Bob Price
Craig Leppla

Pat Jurgielewicz 
Craig Michelson
Nancy Leppla 

Trustees Emeritus:  Art Thomas & Charlie Morris
Safe Sanctuary Coordinators:  Dennis Robb

Finance Committee
Chair:  Jeff Yi (2021B)
Church Council, Chair: Franklyn McLean  (2021A)
Member of Annual Conference: Kelly Barrett (2023A)
Lay Leader:  Lee DelVecchio (2021B)
Staff-Parish Relations Comm. Chair:  Grace Kim (2022A)
Trustee Representative:Craig Michelson

Financial Secretary: Sue K. Suh(2023B)–w/o vote
Treasurer:Martha Wood  (2021)- w/o vote
Auditor: Nancy Leppla– w/o vote
Member at large – Al Oneto

Board of the Nursery School
Chairperson: Lori Stimpson (2022 C)
Ex-Officio: Kathy Gilbert(Director)     
Kun Sam Cho (Pastor)
Lee DelVecchio (Lay Leader) 
Martha Wood (Treasurer)

Paul Meyer (C)
Joanne LaVista (B)
Mary Michelson(C)

2022 (June)
Sheila Muscott (B)
Larry Campana (A)
Lori Stimpson (C)

2023 (June)
Judy Vindheim (A)
Bob Price (B)
Charlene Braun-Schindler (A)

Committee on Nomination and Leadership Development
Not succeeding – BOD para 258 f
Chair:Kun Sam Cho
Vice Chair:  Judy Meyer
Ex-Officio:     Lay Leader– Lee DelVecchio

Georgina Holdsworth
Michelle Krancz
Judy Meyer

Barbara Pennell
Beverly Wenz
Sandra Brown

Emily Wood (YA)
Charlene Braun-Schindler
Bob Watson

Staff-Parish Relations Committee
Chair:  Grace Kim (A)
Ex-Officio:  Lay Leader & Member of Annual Conference
Charlene B-Schindler (C)
Sue Rush (B)
Judy Meyer (B)

Georgina Holdsworth (A)
Bill Miller (A)
Grace Kim (A)

Anne Ewing (A)
Nancy Chavez (A)
Adriana Collen (YA)

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