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With all the great music we’ve been fortunate enough to do at Fairfield Grace – in particular at the Christmas and Easter holidays – many of us have wished for a video collection to watch, to share and just to remember. I’ve created a Fairfield Grace channel on youTube that now contains several videos. These are posted as “UNLISTED,” which means you need a link to be able to view or share them (or you can watch them here on our website).

Please click below to see two videos you may want to check out. Also, if anyone would like to add a video they have taken at Fairfield Grace, if you send it me, I’ll be glad to include it in the channel.

“The Glory of Christmas,” by Lloyd Larson (partial recording, Sun., Dec. 22 2019)

“Jesus,” from “And It Came to Pass Emmanuel,” by Jay Rouse and Rose Aspinall (partial recording, Sun., Dec. 23 2018)

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