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In an amazing example of synchronicity, the UMC.org website posted a story this morning about the health and spiritual benefits of music! There is also a video in Our Daily Bread’s story “A Reason to Sing,” about how the act of singing actually changes the brain! (Our thanks to Karen for providing this link.)

It just so happens that – as our Music Director Jeanne Millett mentioned in church yesterday – the Chancel Choir at Fairfield Grace is seeking new members who like to sing! We have lost several of our long-time members recently, and although we have been faithfully spreading the word, and asking God’s help with this predicament, so far, we’ve not experienced any miracle of the “loaves and the singers”! So it is up to us to ask you to search your hearts for the love of music; and spread the word among your friends to see if they may be singers in search of a choir!

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