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Week Eleven (Sermon on Chapter 11 will be on 1/3):
Chapter 11: From Shepherd to King
Focus: David
Related Bible Text: 1 Samuel 16-18; 24; 31; 2 Samuel 6; 22; 1 Chronicles 17; Psalm 59

Discussion Sessions:
Wednesday: 10:10 AM
Thursday: 6:45 PM
Sunday: 9:00 AM

Questions to think about as you read (page 478 at back of book)

  1. Why was David chosen to be the next king of Israel?
  2. What obstacles did David face to become the king he was anointed to be?
  3. How was David able to face a giant when so many others gave way to fear?
  4. Why did David spare Saul when he had the chance to be free of Saul’s attempts to kill him?  What would you have done?
  5. David had a single goal (that the God of Israel would be glorified) because he has a single love (the God of Israel).  What can you do to cultivate a heart like David’s?

Fun games to play (courtesy of D. Pleacher, First Presbyterian Church, Fort Collins CO)

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