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Week Eight (Sermon on Chapter 8 will be on 11/22):
Chapter 8: A Few Good Men… and Women
Focus: Deborah, Gideon, Samson
Related Bible Text: Judges 2-4; 6-8; 13-16

Discussion Sessions:
Wednesday, Oct 21: 10:10 AM
Thursday, Oct 22: 6:45 PM
Saturday, Oct 24: 10:00 AM
Sunday, Oct 25: 9:00 AM

Questions to think about as you read (page 476-477 at back of book)

  1. What does God’s choice of Deborah as judge during this time reveal about God’s view of women?
  2. Why does God often use weak and uncertain people like Gideon to do his work?
  3. If you ever feel uncertain about your gifts and abilities, how could the story of Gideon encourage and strengthen you?
  4. What reasons can you give for why the Israelites kept repeating their downward cycle of sin?
  5. What was the root cause of Samson’s fall?  What was the result?
  6. What are the strongest temptations that you face?  How do you fight such temptations?

Fun games to play (courtesy of D. Pleacher, First Presbyterian Church, Fort Collins CO)

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