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Do you ever want to clean out your files of old bank statements, checks, brokerage statements, income tax forms, etc.? There are a lot of papers that you should put through a shredder so no one will use the information for identity theft. You may even have a small office shredder at home. But there are times when you have so much to shred that it would take you hours with a small shredder. So the job just does not get done.
We have the answer. Just toss all that shredding material into a carton and bring it to church on Saturday morning June 12. For a mere $10, we will take a 10-ream size carton of paper (price can vary–more for larger cartons and less for small ones) and have it shred for you. This shredding opportunity will take place in our church parking lot, and we will advertise it and make it available to the whole community.

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