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Pastor Cho will be out of the office from Thursday, July 26 to Tuesday, August 14, with limited access to email. During his absence, please contact the people below for administrative or pastoral needs.

From July 26 – August 3: Contact Anne Regan in the church office at 203-374-6528 or fairfieldgrace@sbcglobal.net;

From August 4 – August 13 and outside of church office hours (Monday – Thursday, 10:00 – 2:00): Contact Lee Del Vecchio at 203-374-2130 or Judy Vindheim at 203-257-1801;

If there is no response, or in case of a spiritual emergency, please call: David Piscatelli at 203-812-0793 or Rev. Jong Sung Kim (from August 4 – August 14) at 203-722-6858.


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